Program Description:

Our fitness education program will help youth in our community become healthier. We will provide youth with mentoring, motivational speaking, a nutrition and fitness education curriculum, online resources, a free fitness application, workshops, fitness classes and outdoor activities, and counseling.

Through the program, we will provide the program before or after school teaching youth to eat right, work out, and live healthy lifestyles. Our fitness application will provide youth with information on healthy eating and working out and help them track their weight.


Healthier Lifestyles

Our workshops will include topics such as monitoring weight, obesity, eating disorders, and cooking classes. Fitness classes and outdoor activities will provide youth with simple, effective workouts they can do on their own or with friends.

Additional Help

We will assist youth in connecting with school counselors to receive counseling for any underlying emotional issues affecting their health. Our goal with this program is to prevent eating disorders and obesity, increase student academic performance and self-esteem.

Measuring Success

We will measure the success of our program through surveys, mini pre- and post-tests, interviews, student academic progress, fitness journals, and an online program (tracking system that individuals can log onto profiles).