Community Service

Program Description:

Our community involvement program will include various activities such as feeding the homeless, visiting children's hospital, etc. We will take t­shirts with our logo into low-income neighborhoods and set up stations where we can help feed the needy. We cook the food the day before and set up tables for volunteers to help distribute food to the homeless.

Parents can bring their kids out under their supervision to receive community service hours required by their school. The organization will do this approximately once per month.


Bringing Change

Community Service engages an individual in volunteering and learning along side those who are passionate about affecting change in their communities. As you walk side by side with folks addressing pressing social issues, your network of friends will grow, as will your sense of place and belonging.

Good Deeds

We want to encourage youth in our program to do good deeds within the community such as washing cars, walking people dogs, mowing the lawn, etc.


Our goal is to promote acts of kindness, problem-solving skills, create a tight niche community, increase student academic performance, and respond appropriately to events with and without assistance in the community.