Anti-Bullying / Character Education

Program Description:

Our Anti Bullying program will include a variety of services such as mentoring, motivational speakers, afterschool workshops and online resourcesdesigned to help students identify what constitutes bullying, prevent bullying, prevent becoming bullies, and stop bullying.

Our Sexual-Character Education program will operate similarly to our anti-bullying program. Within this program, we will provide mentoring, motivational speaking, an after school curriculum where we will discuss topics such as self­advocacy, recognizing and effectively responding to peer pressure to have sex and the effects of having sex too early.




Our mentoring service will involve volunteers going to schools to work with and educate students. We will mentor youth identified by school administrators, teachers, and peers being bullied or becoming bullies. To mentor youth, we will take youth on field trips to see the effects of bullying. This would take place afterschool one hour per week after school. Along with our mentor service, we will we will bring in motivational speakers to discuss the effects of bullying.

Advanced Curriculum

S.E.E.K., Inc. will design a curriculum to implement as a before and/or after school program. The organization will mimic existing, successful anti-bullying curriculum to carry out twice per week for kids who are bullying or being bullied. The organization will develop a curriculum book with our teachings and reinforcing activities. We will also provide assistance during school or after school for youth within our program who are being bullied to connect and receive counseling from the school's counselors.

Technology Friendly

Our online program will provide online resources that coordinate with our after school curriculum, allow youth to ask questions, make suggestions, etc.


      Character Education

Inform Our Youth

We want to prevent teenage pregnancy, promote acts of abstinence, prevent the spread of STDs, increase student academic performance, and teach youth to respond appropriately to peer pressure with and without assistance.


By teaching self-advocacy, we are teaching our youth to speak up for themselves, to make their own decisions about their own lives, and giving them access to information so that they can understand things that are of interest to them.

Emotional Assistance

We will be there providing counseling for all of our youth. We are there to provide support, provide answers to their questions and make sure they are making good decisions and leading smart and healthy lifestyles.