Health & Fitness



What is our Health & Fitness Initiative?

Health and fitness is the mental and physical condition of a person being free from illness, more specifically,... the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities.

Why is it important?

Health and fitness is essential because it improves the mental and physical ability to operate in life.It helps to prevent common dise...ase such as obesity, diabetes, and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Health and fitness promotes strong muscles and bones, improvement in respiratory and cardiovascular health. In addition, it improves self-confidence, relieves stress, improves body posture, weight lost, and physical shape.

Our Process

Annual Kids’ Get Hip and Fit Fair brings youth from Miami and Broward County together to engage in healthy eating demonstrations, activities. This event promotes healthy eating, exercise and preventive care for youth and families. Health service organizations and retailers provides screenings, information, and demonstrations about living a healthy and fit lifestyle. The Get Hip and Fit Education is a in and out of school program initiative to assist students and families in making healthy food choices by supporting school nutrition policies, increasing opportunities for nutritional knowledge that focus on physical improvements and allow students to have access to healthy food and fitness activities. In this program, youth learn the following: How to grow hydroponic Specialty crops, fitness activities, nutrition and how it correlates with in school nutrition mandates and out of school habits.


Annual Kids’ Get Hip and Fit Fair and Kids’ Get Hip and Fit in School Program.                                                                                        


Kids’ Get Hip and Fit Fair is an annual fitness fair for kids that began in 2013-present. Children from Miami Dade and Broward County come together to participate in healthy food demonstration and different physical fitness activities.

Kids Get Hip and Fit Program is an in-school program that teaches children how to grow their food hydroponically, 2-3 days a week. During school or after school from 3-5pm, Monday -Friday.