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Racial Equity Project

What is racial equity?

Racial equity occurs when equal opportunities from institutions are provided to all races despite... the physical characteristics or traits. This would include equality morally, legally, and politically despite your skin color, religion, and or sexual orientation. Being treated equally as your peers!

Why is it important?

There are a disproportionate amount of minorities who do not graduate from high school,... go to college, are in the criminal justice system, been exposed to voters oppression, discrimated again in the housing industry, business sector resulting in no economic inclusion. The major of these minorities are people of color. Systems are systemically place to oppress people of color. Knowing the importance of racial equity can help close the disparity gap between people of coots and their white peers. Racial equity groups create goals with realistic outcomes that will result equality for all groups.

what is racial healing?

Racism has an impact on everyone. Whether is is directly or indirectly. Racial healing allow... individuals and communities to have truthful conversations that confronts past systematic inequalities the persist in the present.
The process is done to heal the past to create racial, equality change.

Racial Equity Plans for The City of Miami Gardens

S.E.E.K Foundation and we are partnering with the City of Miami Gardens to develop technology learning hub as a way to fight poverty. The City of Miami Gardens is the Largest Black community in the state of Florida with a 23% poverty rate and two of the City’s 5 zip codes has a staggering poverty rate of 32%.

Community Efforts :

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Potential Partners