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STEM Saturdays at Florida Memorial University
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STEAM is the acronym for science, technology, engineering,...arts, and mathematics.

Why is it important?

STEM education is integrated in our daily life. It is important because allow students to be exposed to various genres in science; promotes technology, innovation and creativity within a world that is constantly changing. Children are able to make connections between school, home, their local community, different cities, states, and internationally. Solving and improving worldwide events through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Our Process

Some activities that we have provided to the our partners are: Robotic clubs..., Rover Ruckus TETRIX, VEX EDR, engineer design process, hydroponics, Rube Goldberg Machine, Leggo-EV3 Mindstorm, Mini sphero, Java Script Block coding, Robotic coding, electrical engineering, simple circuits, parallel circuits, Ohm’s Law, engineer design, making cosmetic items such as: lip balm, candles, lotion, and much more.

Our Programs

Build-Code-Grow Program, STEAMtastic Saturday, Geek Squad Academy, ... Virtual STEM/STEAM, Wasomi Girl Tech, and Subcontracted Partners


Build-Code-Grow Program is the new name of our afterschool programs. This program is after school between the hours for 3-5pm, Monday - Friday.

STEAMtastic Saturday is a Saturday initiative to bring children, families, community stakeholder together to engage in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics activities (STEAM) that are not normally taught in schools. This program is bi-weekly, on Saturdays, from 9am -12pm. Breakfast and lunch are included.

Geek Squad Academy A minicamp sponsored by Best Buy/Geek Squad during summer camp from 9am-4pm for 1 week. Date: TBA

Virtual STEM/STEAM Children learn how to code, compete and build STEM items virtually, all year around. Schedule is flexible.

Wasomi Girl Tech is an all girl program that expose girls ages 7-18 to different skills and careers in STEM.

Subcontracted Partners Over 5 years, S.E.E.K Foundation has provided other organizations, colleges, parks, and homeless shelters STEM/STEAM services during the school year and or for summer camp. Click here if you are interested in our services for your organization/company.

Educational Crisis In Computer Science


Youth serviced in STEM.


percent of our youth showed learning gains in STEM and other academic subjects.


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